Along with the award winning team of SciFY, we prepared an application in order to ‘democratize’ data analyses and make data journalism more accessible.
Our project  Alpha and Omega (A+Ω) which has received seed funding by Google and helps journalists do data research but avoid the coding and the machine learning part. 
It’s about 3 recipes (methods of analysis):
  1. prediction model, here is an example I did to predict result for American elections 2020!),
  2. A recipe that finds correlations between columns and consequently between data, another example I did “How different economic indicators are correlated with the population of a country and its life expectancy?
  3.  And an outlier detection which traces data that differ a lot from the rest of the dataset.  
The only thing the journalist has to do is to upload an excel or csv file (in the right format) and then just choose the recipe. Then, the algorithm, brings back results.
In every recipe, we have a section “How it works” where there are examples and one more small article of mine on common mistakes with filesω-recipes-most-common-mistakes-d430666b56b4
In case you have any feedback for us:
– how you find the recipes,
-if you would ever use them,
-if easy to use,
-in general the navigation experience,
 and of course ideas for collaboration, let us know: