Along with the German Foundation Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, we corganize seminars on Quality Journalism, which aim to equip as much as possible young professionals and senior journalists with important skills for the media industry.

At a very critical time for the European journalism and especially for the Greek one, due to considerable budget cuts in newsrooms across the country and media shut down, journalists and especially young ones, face numerous difficulties in surviving in their professional environment or being competitive in the era of globalized newsrooms. “The conditions within the news industry have led individual journalists feeling disempowered rather than having more influence over their working lives”[1].


Data Driven Journalism (in depth) – understanding metrics,

  • Multimedia Storytelling for Journalists,
  • Mobile Journalism,
  • Social Networks & Journalism,
  • Legal concerns for journalists on the digital environment
  • How to finance Quality Journalism, a brainteaser for most media professionals in Europe and the USA.

For every seminar, trainers and acclaimed professionals from Greece and other European countries lecture, guide and present practical exercises to participants.

[1] Anderson, C.W., Bell, E. Shirky, C. (2015) “Post-industrial Journalism: Adapting to the present”, Tow Center for Digital Journalism (Available from: