This is an ongoing project focused on Greece. Here is the link on GitHub.

What is it about:

Greece has around 6.000 islands and 227 of them are inhabited. Only few of these islands have the appropriate medical infrastructure in case of emergency. When needed, the Hellenic Air Force comes to the rescue of these citizens.

Numbers & Data:

Only for the first 19 days of July 2018:
-86 citizens needed to be transferred by plane or helicopter,
-136,4 flying hours.

The air medical transfers are operated by different types of aircrafts, most common types are the Super Puma, C-130, Α-109, ΑΒ-205/B-212, C-27J.

Data are collected by the website of the Hellenic Air Force but need to be combined with those of the Ambulance service.

The minister of defense has said in the past that the cost for one hour of flight is 20.000 euros. Can the debt ridden country afford more of these transfers? Has this service got worsened because of the financial crisis?

Are there any alternatives for those in need in the islands?
Is it better for some islands to invest in hospital infrastructure or telemedecine rather than “burn” the money in flight hours?